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Take a look at some answers to the most frequently asked psychology-related questions and requests below.  If you would like to discuss further please get in touch.

How long does each therapy session take?

Therapy sessions last 55 minutes.  In some circumstances this may need to be longer, this would be arranged prior to a session.

Can I use my health insurance policy to fund

Pace psychology is registered with some health insurance providers.  Please inquire at initial contact, most insurers request agreement prior to sessions beginning.

Therapy session fees

The fees for self-funding 1:1 therapy cost £110 per 55 minute session.  The fee is the same for face to face, remote (video or telephone call).

How long does a course of therapy last?

Courses of therapy can be variable and it is important that therapy is tailored to the individual.  An assessment will establish a focus for therapy and a time frame, this will always negotiated and agreed together dependent on needs and goals of therapy.  On average sessions can last from 8 to 24 sessions, but can be briefer or longer where needed.

How long will I have to wait for my initial appointment?

We can usually book in an initial consultation within a week.

I am at a crisis point can you help?

We are not able to provide access to clinician 24/7 and cannot offer urgent care support.  If you feel you are in crisis or a risk of harm to yourself, please contact emergency support via 999, your local NHS crisis and home treatment team, or attend at A&E.  If you do not require urgent support but are in crisis please contact your GP or out of hours GP service.

I'm unsure if therapy is the right option for me, how can I work this out?

It is very important that the therapy process is beneficial.  We work very collaboratively and involve you in all steps of the process.  In the first instance we always offer an initial telephone consultation (approx. 20 minutes), this is free of charge and provides the opportunity to talk through your current needs and consider if pursuing therapy at this time could be useful.

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