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Psychological Services

Guidance On Every Step of the Way

Supervision and Consultation

A Happier, Healthier You

Accessing a restorative and reflective space is important for personal wellbeing and professional development.  Sonia is an experienced clinical supervisor, who can offer high quality bespoke consultation or clinical supervision in an accessible way.

Please get in touch to inquire about options for supervision or consultation.  

Psychological Therapy 

We offer 1:1 Psychological therapy delivered by highly trained and experienced Clinical Psychologists. Face to face and online appointments available. 


Throughout our life we face challenges, this can be significant life events but also day to day demands can affect how you feel, how you manage work and home life as well as impact on relationships.  It can be hard to prioritize your own needs and focus on personal wellbeing. 


Therapy can help develop an individualised understanding of you, your experiences and any current difficulties.   With a greater understanding therapy supports the development of strategies and tools to improve coping, and management of difficulties as well as creating a greater life balance. 

Fees for 55 minute therapy sessions are £110, this is the same rate for face to face, video or telephone contact.

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