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A number of clients have provided feedback of their experience of attending therapy at Pace Psychology.

If you would like to find out more about how attending psychological therapy could benefit you, please do get in touch, we offer an initial consultation free of charge.

Therapy client 

I had a great experience with Dr Pace. From the moment I first spoke with her on the phone and explained my situation I felt really listened to and that I was speaking with someone that would help me to actively overcome the difficulties I was having.  I felt Dr Pace provided an excellent balance of talking/exploring past experiences to understand the present alongside practical and proactive ways to help with the here and now. Since seeking therapy I feel that I have a much better handle on how to deal with difficulties that arise for me day to day. I also felt that the process helped me to talk through and process difficult experiences.s.

Therapy client

Therapy has had a massive impact on my life, has helped me to gain confidence, reduced my anxiety and lifted my mood. Having the support and confidence from the therapist to talk openly and honestly really helped. Using techniques learnt in therapy such as safe place imagery has played a key part to my recovery.

Therapy client 

Dr Pace put me at ease and was very easy to talk to.  I found it very useful to see diagrams mapping out thought processes and what was feeding certain emotions.  It was helpful to start to recognise and accept my emotions, to deal better with guilt and to behave more compassionately towards myself. 

Therapy client 

It was a big initial step for me to access therapy, but I found it helpful to be able to put into context my experiences and feelings, and to explore patterns of behaviour and thoughts in a supportive environment.  I was able to start understanding where my anxious feelings originated and how my sense of drive can be unbalanced with the soothing part of my nervous system. I have realized that the drive is my ‘go to’ style but I have begun to explore ways in which my sense of nurture/compassion towards others can influence my anxiety levels. We explored my feelings of always changing/shape shifting to find acceptance during my earlier years, but I’m now moving towards a place of feeling true and content with myself as I am.  Thank you very much for helping me, I will certainly visit again if I feel in need of support.

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Please contact Pace Psychology if you would like to discuss accessing therapy.

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