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Experience Change with Pace Psychology

Welcome to Pace Psychology, established by Dr Sonia Pace, Clinical Psychologist.  We offer psychological assessment, psychological therapies, clinical supervision and consultation. 

Pace Psychology is based in Newcastle upon Tyne and North Tyneside, also working remotely nationwide. 

As we navigate through life, often through no fault of our own we face challenges, which we can feel unprepared for or overwhelmed by.  Demands and pressures can understandably create distress and negatively effect emotional and psychological wellbeing.  Increasingly we hear of the importance of prioritising our mental health needs.  Psychological therapy can be one way of addressing emotional wellbeing.






At Pace Psychology we promote compassion and focus on supporting you to prioritise your psychological health. 

We offer a step-by-step individualised approach to understanding your needs.  Using an evidence based framework to tailor an intervention, which supports self-development and growth. 


We offer face to face or online appointments.


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"A moment of self-compassion can change your entire day, a string of such moments can change the course of your life."

Christopher Germer

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A Bit About Therapy

What is psychological therapy?

Psychological therapy is a process which helps to address a range of difficulties, including problems with anxiety, depression, worry, grief and loss, traumatic life experiences, childhood difficulties, coping with the demands of busy lifestyles, managing relationships. 




At Pace Psychology we offer experience in a range of therapies, including; Compassion Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR).  Importantly therapy interventions are always tailored to the individual as part of a collaborative understanding of the particular needs.

Types of psychological therapy

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What To Expect

It's important to us that Pace Psychology is the right fit for you, with this in mind, we offer an initial free 20 minute consultation.  This involves a telephone call prior to a meeting to consider what you are looking for and whether we can meet your needs.


Following the free consultation, the process involves meeting for an assessment, the sessions are 55 minutes long.  We offer face to face and online appointments.





During the initial assessment you will be asked about the reasons for seeking therapy, and your perspective on any difficulties you are experiencing.  You will be asked about aspects of your life and background.  This all helps the psychologist gain a greater understanding of you as an individual.  From this point we would reflect together whether further sessions are needed and would be useful. 






You can identify particular aims or goals that you would like to work towards and decide a period of time to work together.  Therapy length can vary, between 8  to 24 sessions, but this can also be shorter or longer depending on need.  Therapy sessions are most beneficial when held weekly.  Through the therapy process you will develop skills and understanding that enable you to feel confident implementing changes and supporting yourself moving forward.   

Online or Face to face 

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A collaborative approach

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